When I started developing the brand idea, I had created a list of hypothetical names, but none of them convinced me. Then one day, while organizing all my substances, I realized that I had purchased many packages of a red pigment, RED36. It's a vibrant red pigment that almost leans towards orange, and in chemical language, it falls into the category of pigments called "lacquers." I stood there for a few minutes, staring at the jar of color... love at first sight... LACCA36! Perhaps too long? That's when LH36 was born!


The idea of creating my beauty brand originated in 2018 after attending an advanced course in cosmetic formulation at the University of Milan. The lipstick lesson was crucial for me; it was a "magical" moment because it allowed me to blend and mix chemistry with my passion for colors. After completing this course in Milan, I reflected deeply before embarking on this project. Following a series of personal events, I started developing the brand idea in February 2020, and finally, on June 21, 2021, I launched my first 6 lipsticks.


You can't command your skin; it reflects our state of health and our natural aging process. Sometimes, imperfections can appear that we struggle to accept.

Especially in this historical period, where we are bombarded with images of perfect models, even a small "blemish" on the skin can become a significant issue for some because it's challenging to accept.